Egg Crème Liqueurs
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squirrel logo
Flaming Squirrel AlmondTM Egg Crème Liqueur

Mild nutty flavor with subtle cherry undertones.

ape logo

Naked Ape BananaTM Egg Crème Liqueur

Fun, fruity flavor that reminds you of your childhood taffy candy.

grasshopper logo
Groovy Grasshopper MintTM Egg Crème Liqueur

The refreshing, mint flavor of a cold bowl of ice cream. 

Crazy Bunny Chocolate Egg Crème Liqueur

Crazy Bunny ChocolateTM Egg Crème Liqueur

The decadent, silky flavor of chocolate without all the guilt.

Peanut Butter
Naughty Dog Peanut ButterTM Egg Crème Liqueur

The rich, creamy flavor of peanut butter right out of the jar.


chicken logo
Screaming Chicken VanillaTM Egg Crème Liqueur

Rich and creamy, just like homemade vanilla pudding.

beaver logo

Buzzed Beaver ButterscotchTM Egg Crème Liqueur

The buttery, smooth flavor everyone craves.