The Philly’s Story

 The Philly’s Story

Phil Orlenko

“You should bottle and sell these.”
“That’s the best Old Fashioned I’ve ever had!”
“Get off your ass and do something!”
“What the hell is with all the flamingos?”
“Are you hiring? I want to drink at work.”
“I want to volunteer for sample tasting”

 Those comments above, and many more have been heard around here in the past…
it’s been interesting to say the least.

For over 40 years, I have been making Old Fashioneds, the way my late father taught me. Whether for a family gathering or bartending my way through college and part time jobs over the years, the basic recipe has not changed.

After working for others, both good and bad over the years, it was time to start my own venture and put up or shut up…in other words, put out the best product, at a reasonable price and have some fun along the way. So being kinda unemployed in the summer of 2013, and too young and not enough cash to retire, friends and relatives convinced me that I should look into actually bottling my Old Fashioneds.  In talking with experts in the industry, we have made some valuable partnerships, and come up with some really cool products besides just our kick ass Old Fashioneds!

It was quite an eye opening experience finding out and learning the hard way, the ins and outs of starting a liquor business. But in doing so, both myself and my staff, Corey and Jeri, have learned a few things and know we have some great products coming, that NO one will do better!

Simply put, you use the best ingredients and not be skimpy on the booze. That’s the true secret to making a great cocktail. It doesn’t matter if you like whiskey or brandy, sweet or sour, whether you muddle or not, or whatever garnish is your favorite, Philly’s Premium Beverages has the best tasting ready-to-drink Old Fashioned on the market and is one of the first to market with a complete line of Egg Crème Liqueurs.

“Have a passion for Old FashionedsTM”  ….we sure do!