The Story Behind Deep Pencil

People have been asking lately, what’s with this artist “Deep Pencil”…

PencilGuyPhilly’s Premium Beverages got acquainted with Deep Pencil by accident. During a late night brainstorming session, we were talking about artwork for our product line. We noticed Wilbur, our Director of Security becoming increasingly agitated, he seemed to be trying to tell us something. As the night went on, we came up with the first official name, Buzzed Beaver.

Early the next morning, Wilbur showed up at the office with something rolled up in an old Coach handbag tied to his collar. Upon closer examination, it was a hand drawing of the very animal we had decided on the night before. In the lower right hand corner, it was signed “Deep Pencil”. We tried for hours to get Wilbur to divulge where he got it, but our attempts were in vain. Wilbur was tight lipped.

After doing some sample tasting one afternoon, we had a brainstorming session and came up with the next official name. Sure enough, the next day Wilbur showed up with a rolled up piece of paper in his purse signed “Deep Pencil” and peanut butter all over his snout.

We have been able to find out that “Deep Pencil” is in the Federal Witness Protection Program. He was a trailorwitness in a trial in Arkansas for illegal interstate pig wrestling. As far as crimes go, pig wrestling was not a top priority for the Justice Department. Due to budget cuts, he now lives in a used FEMA trailer deep in the woods of Ozaukee County.

So it’s a positive for everyone…Wilbur gets his peanut butter addiction taken care of, we get artwork for our labels and “Deep Pencil” gets to still contribute his talents to all of humanity.